History of the Heavy Metal Warriors 535th Engineer Company


Company C, 1008th refinery Battalion, Engineer Petroleum Production Depot, in Santa Anita Ordnance Training CenteThe 535th Engineer Company (CSE) originated on 10 February 1944 and activated on 01 March 1944 andr, California.

Reorganized on 08 September 1944 as the 535th Engineer Drum Plant Company, and sent into action in the Philippines.
Awarded the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation for action in the Philippines and Campaign
Silver Bands for New Guinea and Luzon.
Inactivated on 20 January 1946 in the Philippines.
Redesignated on 20 September 1954 as the 535th Engineer Company (Light Equipment) and
activated in Germany on 15 November 1954 as part of the 11th Engineer Group.
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On 9 June 1969 the 535th Engineer Company (Light Equipment) was assigned to the 549th
Engineer Battalion (Provisional) as part of the 130th Engineer Brigade.
On 22 July 1975, the 535th Engineer Company (Light Equipment ) was assigned to the 565th
Engineer Battalion, 7th Engineer Brigade. The Company was then relocated to the 7th Army
Training Command at Grafenwoehr.
The 535th Engineer Company (Light Equipment) was reassigned to the 563rd Engineer Battalion
on 1 July 1976. During this time rhe 535th Engineer Company (Light Equipment), was redesignated
as a Combat Support Equipment Company on 16 September 1977.
On 1 July 1985, the 535th Engineer Company (Combat Support Equipment), was reassigned to the
82nd Engineer Battalion.
On 1 December 1990, the 535th Engineer Company (Combat Support Equipment), was reassigned
to the 237th Engineer Battalion. At this time the unit became a V Corp and 130th Engineer Brigade
Soldiers of the 535th Engineer Company participated in Desert Shield/Storm being assigned to the
9th, and 82nd Engineer Battalions from December 1990 to May 1991.
On 22 June 1991, the 535th Engineer Company was assigned to the 559th Engineer Battalion,
(Provisional) until their deactivation on 16 July 1992.
The 535th Engineer Company is Currently assigned to the 94th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Heavy).

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